The Broad Effectiveness of Clone 3 Against the Numerous Strains (clades) of the HIV Virus Has Been Demonstrated

   The site on the HIV virus to which Clone 3 binds is highly conserved, meaning that this particular virus structure exits in virtually all strains (clades) of the HIV virus.

     Specifically, an analysis of the amino-acid surface composition of the 4,556 clinical HIV viral isolates recorded in the U.S. Government’s National Laboratory HIV Database (which maps the amino-acid topography of the clinical HIV viral isolates) as of February 2015 reveals that 3,510 HIV clinical viral isolates have an exact match for the minimal essential “core” epitope (KLIC) to which Clone 3 binds.  Another 956 of the clinical HIV isolates have a conservative match to Clone 3 epitope to which Clone 3 would bind.  Thus, 4,466 (3,510 + 956) clinical HIV isolates (98%) have an amino-acid sequence [epitope] that could be bound by the Clone 3, leaving only ninety (90) clinical HIV isolates (2%) that do not have an identical or conserved epitope that is capable of being bound by Clone 3.

The following chart illustrates this highly significant fact about the Clone 3 antibody.

Thus, the Company's Clone 3 therapy can be expected to be effective against 98% of all HIV isolates (now known to be over 4000) found around the world.